28 July, 2007

The Importance of Friends

Sitting here listening to my punk rock... I leave for a week-long summer camp in Michigan tomorrow. before I get back, a) the only friend I have who I can trust with my feelings leaves for Kansas City, Missouri (to return in two years), and b) an entire family of this-good friends who aren't quite my age leave for Australia (to return in September). As I mourn over this unfortunate turn of events I begin to realize how important friends are in our lives. I always took these people for granted, and now, at least for the one who is going for two years as I plan to head off to college by then, I will probably never see them again.
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27 July, 2007

Brand New Phone

A new phone that I got off of ebay arrived in the mail, a Samsung SYNC. This is an excellent phone and is much better than I expected. the camera is an amazing 2 megapixels, it has a color outer screen for things such as picture caller ID, self-portraits, and a color visualizer for the MP3 player. It does lack a few features though. No voice-dialing, the UI is difficult compared to other phones, and there is no IR port. I rate it 4 1/2 stars.
---Blogging in a Thunderstorm---

21 July, 2007

Wireless power?

Reading a new Buisness 2.0 article here, it says something about wireless power. A Wired article a few weeks ago said the same thing. I had that idea years ago! though I never wrote it down, so it couldn't count as prior art, could it? Though if they haven't patented it, I guess this blog entry could count...but would they have put it in a magazine if they hadn't patented it already? I'm a bit vague on the patent process, but I do have an idea of my own that I want to patent, so I guess that should change, eh?

Here's how the idea works:

You plug a radio transmitter into the wall, and small electronic devices have chip-based receivers in them that convert the radio waves into electricity (Radio waves are a form of light, so this makes sense on the same line that solar panels make sense). Whenever you bring this nearby it automatically starts charging. It's a wonderful idea, but aren't radio waves harmful? Wouldn't it have the same effectiveness of a solar panel (a.k.a. about 15%)? I'm sure the geniuses over at Silicon Valley will be able to work out the kinks. They usually do.
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The Joys of Running a Wiki

So a little while ago I got the (seemingly marvelous at the time) idea to run a wiki for my class. Started it up, added a few pages, invited my friends...and there it stops. It seems everyone is under the impression that they cannot edit it, at least not without my permission. They don't get the whole point of a wiki. I go to a gifted school, and I guess I expected more. Every week it seems I get an email complaining about how the page "sucks". Everyone is complaining to me to change something, and it seems they don't get the point of how they could just take it into their own hands. I made it a wiki so that I would not be the only one to police the page. I don't have the time to be the only one able to do this. Despite my efforts, this fate seems to have been brought upon me anyway. Life isn't fair, but don't you want to try and make it that way?
---Listening to Sting, pouring out all my anger onto a blog---