21 July, 2007

The Joys of Running a Wiki

So a little while ago I got the (seemingly marvelous at the time) idea to run a wiki for my class. Started it up, added a few pages, invited my friends...and there it stops. It seems everyone is under the impression that they cannot edit it, at least not without my permission. They don't get the whole point of a wiki. I go to a gifted school, and I guess I expected more. Every week it seems I get an email complaining about how the page "sucks". Everyone is complaining to me to change something, and it seems they don't get the point of how they could just take it into their own hands. I made it a wiki so that I would not be the only one to police the page. I don't have the time to be the only one able to do this. Despite my efforts, this fate seems to have been brought upon me anyway. Life isn't fair, but don't you want to try and make it that way?
---Listening to Sting, pouring out all my anger onto a blog---

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