21 July, 2007

Wireless power?

Reading a new Buisness 2.0 article here, it says something about wireless power. A Wired article a few weeks ago said the same thing. I had that idea years ago! though I never wrote it down, so it couldn't count as prior art, could it? Though if they haven't patented it, I guess this blog entry could count...but would they have put it in a magazine if they hadn't patented it already? I'm a bit vague on the patent process, but I do have an idea of my own that I want to patent, so I guess that should change, eh?

Here's how the idea works:

You plug a radio transmitter into the wall, and small electronic devices have chip-based receivers in them that convert the radio waves into electricity (Radio waves are a form of light, so this makes sense on the same line that solar panels make sense). Whenever you bring this nearby it automatically starts charging. It's a wonderful idea, but aren't radio waves harmful? Wouldn't it have the same effectiveness of a solar panel (a.k.a. about 15%)? I'm sure the geniuses over at Silicon Valley will be able to work out the kinks. They usually do.
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