13 August, 2007

The Simpsons Movie - A review

Just recently saw the simpsons movie, and decided to make a little review so you people reading this blog can decide whether to spend the five bucks

It begins with an Itchy and Scratchy movie (blow up the cat!). Homer simpson stands up and starts complaining: "This sucks! Why are we paying money to watch something that we could get at home for free! Everyone watching this movie is an idiot!" he then turns to the audience, "Including YOU!" Then leads on to a crazy turn of events lasting the entire movie including, but not limited to Green Day playing the Simpsons Theme, Lake Springfield being terribly polluted, a trip to Alaska, and the Government attempting to blow Springfield up. This is a good movie, not entirely comedy as I had expected, but some action, some romance, some feeling. In fact, I almost would have liked to laugh a bit more. Due to this smaller-than-needed amount of comedy, I give it 4 1/2 stars.
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wiseoldwoman said...

Hey G! I'm glad you think that being able to have a good laugh is important. Did you know that laughing is jogging for the inside?