21 December, 2007

Apple... PC... Linux!

Here are my thoughts on Apple's Mac commercials (you know, the ones that say "I'm a mac" and "I'm a PC"? yeah, those ones)

It's really all down to images. The PC is always portrayed as an obese man wearing a tight suit and sometimes carrying a suitcase. So you definetely don't want to deal with him.
Now, the mac is portrayed as a slightly taller, skinny man who is unshaven, laid back, and looks like he's never done any work in his life. I frankly wouldn't want to buy a lazy computer. Agree?

So, of course the underlying message in these commercials is simple: buy a linux!
--satire courtesy of my brain--

19 December, 2007

10-15 stabber

I was just reading a Terry Pratchett book, and got the idea for a new type of poker. Here's how it goes:

First hand
10 cards are dealt to each player, and each player looks at his or her cards. Two cards are dealt in the middle of the table: one face up, and one face down. If a hand is being made out of cards that have the same suit or number as the face up card, the value of that card is doubled. For example, if a seven of diamonds is set down face up, and I have a pair of sevens in my hand, that pair of sevens counts as four sevens. or, if I have just one seven in my hand, that counts as a pair of sevens. Now, of course this adds for new possible hands, such as three pairs, etc. I'll post the new hand values up once I work them out.
5 cards from each hand are set face down to be used later. Two or three rounds of betting ensue.
Each player reveals his or her hand, and the face down card is turned face up. This card is the opposite of the other one: any card with the same number or suit of it is halved in value.
The player with the highest hand takes the pot.

Second hand and on
Ten cards, again, are dealt to each player, that each player can use. Again, the face-up and face-down cards are dealt to the middle of the table.
The one difference between this and the first hand is the five cards set down by each player on the previous hand. These cards are picked up and put into the hand of the player. five cards from this player's hand are put onto the top of the deck, and five cards are set face-down in front of the player to be used later.
The hand proceeds as normal.

The game's name, for now, will be known as 10-15 stabber