21 January, 2008

D&D Assistant programs

So, in search for a program akin to the GURPS character assistant program (great program, use it!), yet for D&D, I did a quick google search for D&D assistant programs, and downloaded all that I found. Here's my reviews, to save you some time:

RPG Patsy:
This would be a great program were it not for the fact that it cost money. Yes,I just said that. It costs money. Though it is available for a free download, that free download, at least until you buy a license key, cannot save or print. Other than that, this is a great program that is very intuitive. I would like to see what it looks like printed though...

The RolePlaying Assistant:
This program was the best completely free program that I tested. But that's not saying very much. It comes with a database of 100,000 or so names for random name generation, and about 100 character pictures to suit nearly any character that you make. The user interface is a bit unintuitive, and the fields are in all the wrong places. I haven't yet tested the printing, though. Another advantage of this program is that it works for nearly any d20 system.

Dungeons and Dragons Game Manager
By far the worst D&D program out there. Every message is given by an annoying popup that makes a loud noise, stats rolling is irritating and difficult to use, and not everything is there. DO NOT USE!

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