03 February, 2008

Emo Nail Polish Bleeds Fake Blood

So this is an example of how my life works. Or maybe it's an example of the strange people I spend my life around. Or maybe it just means that I see a good picture in everything. Here is the (somewhat shortened) story.
I was in art class, doing watercolors, making amazingly profound and thus extremely bizarre pictures, and one of the girls starts painting her nails red with the watercolor paint. Of course, watercolor paint being watercolor paint, it starts to drip down her hand, making it look like she is bleeding. Somebody yells at me to go get my camera, and of course I comply (canon SX100, excellent camera if you're in the market), and take a few pictures, continuing to upload them to my computer, edit them a bit with PaintShop Pro 4, and, of course, post them to my blog
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Anonymous said...

ooooh cool picture griffin. I'm glad I did an RSS feed to your blog. You're a fantastic photographer.