28 March, 2008

Company unveils WalkingHotSpot software

It is a hated and well-known fact among smartphone owners that it is extremely difficult to tether a computer to a phone in order to harness the GPRS internet. Many people do spend the multiple hours getting it to work, though, and once it does work it is hugely useful- you can have internet on your computer anywhere there is cell reception (practically everywhere), for a fee of about $20/month.

But a company called TapRoot is making it easier. On Wednesday they unveiled their new WalkingHotSpot software, which is supposed to use the built-in wifi receiver on the phone to make it into its own wifi hotspot. The company is looking to release its software to network providers, who will charge customers individually for the service.

First of all, good job TapRoot. You have found the secret nirvana of software companies, the killer app, the problem that everyone needs solving but nobody has enough initiative to solve. Taproot will be very successful. This is how you start a software company that will make millions


Lorien Pratt said...


I am very interested in this software, and thank you for this post.

Unfortunately, I tried to download their free sample, but the page I was linked to (from my phone after entering my EIN to the web site!) was blank.

I've written to customer support, stay tuned.

Has anyone else had any luck with this?


Johnathan said...

The idea is nice software that enables you to use the internet through your cell phone and cell phone reception. However an independent company like TapRoot isn't going to rival AT&T and their AT&T Communication Manager http://www.wireless.att.com/businesscenter/solutions/wireless-laptop/phones-as-modems.jsp The reason AT&T is already selling the cable brand Motorola in-store today and the software is a free download plus the instructions are on the package. Where as an independant company is going to have to find a company to go with, ship their product into stores and have the company start selling their product. Simply put it's easier to go with the main brand companies cause they have a toll-free tech support number you can call if you need help. Saving you countless hours figuring it out on your own.