20 March, 2008

Flying car readies for takeoff in New York

Milner Motors has taken the wraps off its flying car at the 2008 New York auto show. If you don't want wings, Milner also is unveiling its electric car. Milner Motors has a vision disturbingly similar to that of the infamously slow-to-go-commercial-with-ever-increasing-costs Moller Skycar. They see people driving to the airport, flying to wherever they fly to, and driving to the parking lot of the hotel. But this raises several questions:
  • What about the required pilot's license? Would people be willing to spend however many tens of thousands of dollars on something they have to go out and spend a year getting an extra license for?
  • Is it street-legal?
  • Is it air-legal?
  • Is it affordable?
However they plan to sell it, the AirCar is certainly very stylish and beautiful, and is a wonderful idea. I do certainly hope they manage to sell it.

Here's a link to the official AirCar site

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