24 March, 2008

Sony Retracts Bloatware Removal Fee

Several weeks ago, the Japanese soft-and-hardware giant Sony offered a new option for two of their high-end Vaio laptops, the Vaio TZ2000 and Vaio TZ2500, to remove all trial software for a fee of $50. About the program, which they call Fresh Start, Sony said,
"We want Vaio users to have the best experience possible with our PCs, and we believe Fresh Start will help ensure that happens right out-of-the-box"
This move caused great controversy, and now Sony has finally woken up and is now offering the program for free.
What I am wondering is, why was it such an unpopular move? The trial software was there anyway, and anybody who knew anything about computers could have very easily removed it without much fuss, and just not pay the $50. Could it be possible that the average person doesn't know anything about computers? Even if that were true, I don't think it would be the cause. I think it's the sort of "Don't even think about it..." kind of mentality, that the simple idea of charging $50 to remove software that makes them money, that they possibly shouldn't have even put there in the first place, is enough to make people revolt.

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