04 May, 2008

Android: Profitable

First of all, sorry about the long delay between posts, things have happened, and other things haven't happened.
On November 5th, 2007, Google announced their phone operating system Android to the general public as the first truly open phone operating system. Developers would be able to get the sdk for free (as I am doing as I type), and would be encouraged by a prize of 10 million dollars to develop the best apps. Android was built on linux, and was created as part of the open handset alliance, which promotes these same ideals: completely open cellphone service, os, and hardware.
The question everyone has been asking is simple: how is Android profitable? Would it be like the rest of google, in that unobtrusive text ads would be placed at specific locations? The problem with that is, even the largest of smartphone screens (iphone) are simply not big enough for this to be practical. So how? I have figured it out. Here it is.

Google will make money on their phone operating system with ads, of course. But they will not be text ads. They will be voice ads, and they will be played ever time you dial. All that free empty space when the other person's phone is ringing will be filled up with ads, and google will be making money.