22 July, 2008


While stumbling around recently, I found an open-source, mozilla engine media player called songbird. I downloaded it, and am currently using it over other media players. At least, mostly.
Songbird is an excellent, nearly fully functional media player that looks excellent. The thing I would have to say I love about it most is the fact that it is add-onable: this allows for practically unlimited extendability. Other pros are the compatibility with ipods and mass-media-storage mp3 players, the built in web browser, and the easy, innovative interface (instead of being sorted only by one thing, the songs are sorted using a 'filter pane', which allows you to select different things to filter by, narrowing it down gradually until you only have the songs you want). Unfortunately, Songbird is still in alpha, so it is chock full of bugs and functionality defects (no podcast handling or CD playback and ripping, for example).
All in all, I would wholeheartedly suggest Songbird to anyone who is unsatisfied with iTunes or Windows Media Player, and I look forward to seeing what it turns out to be.

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