15 August, 2008

How our brains "see"

Take a look at this picture from BoingBoing, which I intentionally cut the top off of:
Now, what our brain sees (at least my brain), is the hand, with forefinger bent, pointing at the robot (an interesting enough story as it is), with a mirror reflecting the finger. This is illustrated in the below diagram:

Of course, this is not the case. Instead, here is the actual image:

This is yet another item in a stream of evidence that we see much differently than robots. Optical Illusions are an example of this. The capability of the human brain to "infer" what isn't there, among many other things, is just incredible.
I think that in order to build fully functioning artificial intelligence, the capability of doing this and things like it will be absolutely necessary. I'd love to talk to a neurologist and see how exactly this works.

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