08 February, 2009


High school. the prime of life, your last years of school, the supposedly,"happiest days of your life." But they are also the most stressful. in this post I'm going to compare the pros and cons of high school.

A pro to high school: its where you finally learn something useful. Sometimes you learn something useful in middle school, but here is where it really picks up. The con: they still teach you allot of useless bull crap. I don't need half the classes I take, although they prove themselves useful, but only because they're there. I'm saying I can go without them. I never really need them.

Another pro: it's the next step to adulthood. In high school you finally learn to drive, and maybe get a job. Awesome, right? Now you have freedom, and cash. But here's the con: you're one step closer to adulthood! Soon your gonna have to move out, get a real job, and live in your own house. Sounds fun, but then once you get the house, if you don't have a good job, you realize you can't get that brand new X-Box that all your friends that still live with their moms have. I bet something like that's going to happen to me.

Pro: a new building, new friends, and new teachers. So basically a fresh start in a new school, sounds good. Con: a new everything. When you go to a new school, you're gonna lose some friends. On top of that, you have to get used to a new school, with a new schedule, and new teachers. New can be good or bad. For me it's just plain frustrating.

Pro/Con: Dances, dating, and sports. Dances, they are fun, but only if you have a date! It can be very stressful. Dating; OK, so its not too high school related, but romance, at this point in time, is a very big part of your life. So dating is a big part of high school. Sports for most are the biggest part of high school. But you gotta keep your grades up.

The last con: increased risk of substance abuse; drugs and alcohol. According to most PSAs about drugs, this is something even 5 year-olds deal with. But in high school you got peer pressure, and the wanting to be cool. I've never actually seen drugs. Sex is a bit more of a problem in my school, but i digress. The pro to this: there is none. It could kill you, when you lose your buzz, you feel like like crap. But again, i digress.

High school sounds fun, huh?

Post By: Will J.

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ReB said...
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ReB said...

I didn't read the whole thing just kinda skimmed but dances are totally fun even without a date! XD I guess coming from someone who loves to dance that opinion to be expected though...