07 February, 2009

The HP Touchsmart

Featuring a new writer, Will Janz. Image from Google.

When I first saw this come out on TV, I was shocked. It completely baffled me. I mean, how could you have a giant, touch screen monitor??! Either way, I thought it was freakin’ awesome. Immediately I wanted one. But they run for at least $1200. Costly, but better than a Mac.

From Google product search:

"The next-generation, touch-enabled PC combines a 22" diagonal hi-def wide screen with a powerful energy efficient Intel Core 2 Duo processor in a single, integrated design. Includes HP TouchSmart software, web cam, media card reader, and premium speakers for fast, easy access to photos, videos, music and applications."

I mean, this computer sounds awesome. I'm actually surprised a bunch of knockoffs haven't popped up yet. How much do you think one of these made by Mac would cost? I'm guessing based that a $500 PC = a $2000 Mac, I'm thinking $4500. But i digress. I have no idea how it works, but I'm guessing its the same setup as the iPhone. Come to think of it, it looks a lot like the iPod touch.

Now why is this so cool? I mean if you've ever been to a hospital, you may have noticed the nurses carrying around a touchscreen, but you don't see a keyboard. So if we've seen those, why is this so cool? Because now even select red-necks can afford this! This is just one more step to giant floating monitors that pop out of nowhere, like in Futurama.

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