09 April, 2009

The Walmart Paradox

We are all familiar with the big store chain Walmart. But it brings up a deep, possibly philosophical question: is Walmart good or bad for the people of the US? At first we think "no duh", yes it's good. It's good because of its awesome prices. It's good because you can do everything in one place. Shop, eat, or whatever. But Walmart has a dark side to it, and this applies to more than just one store. Almost everything is made in china. To the uneducated rednecks of the world, this is bad because when something is made in China, it's not being made in America.
Getting deeper, this means Americans aren't making the money. China is. Now I like China, it's a very lovely place. But I like America better. Nevertheless, we need to acknowledge the fact that a lot of American jobs are going over seas. If you've seen Discovery's "The Peoples' Republic of Capitalism," then you know the problem. But what's the solution? We as Americans need to accept lower wages. We don't accept low wages.  That's why companies tend to move over seas. 
Now the companies play a major part in this too. Big executive douche-bags need to accept lower wages as well. Back to workers. Union workers are one of my pet peeves. They have easy jobs that easly make more than real jobs such as being a nurse, and in my case it's true. My dad is a hard working nurse in Colorado, who makes a good wage, although I don't know how much. Somewhere on our trip to Yellowstone, we came accross some construction, and my dad said that that union worker makes more than him, just by standing there, holding that sign. 
Let's go to factory workers. They're there working hard making their product, whatever it may be. Someone thinks they deserve a higher wage, and go to their boss, and demand a higher wage. The boss says no, and the disgruntled worker goes back to work, and gets everyone else riled up to a strike. They come the next day with signs saying that their boss is unfair. This why I don't like union workers; they want more and more. And that's not even it. They want to make sure no one else gets their jobs, so they also protest in the builidings, or a sitdown strike. In this case they deserve pay cuts, in my opinion. 
They just don't think: what if they end up losing their jobs to China, because if they just have to have $40 an hour and the company can't afford that.  If  the company ends up relocating to China or some other country, the workers end up losing their jobs, all because they weren't satified with a good wage. 
This brings us to what I like to call the Walmart Paradox, which can breifly state that when you shop at Walmart, you are selling your job. Here's how it works: first you are a good worker, living off of a good wage that you are satisfied with, and then the boss says you and the rest of the employees will be losing their jobs because the company wants to save money. You're out of a job, so to save money, you shop at Walmart, where you see almost everything saying "Made in China", including what you used to make. When you buy that stuff that's made in China, you are paying the people that made that, and if you're buying the product that you once made but that is now made in China, your basically selling your job.

08 April, 2009

School & Wikipedia

Wikipedia. Anyone with half a brain uses it. Anyone who has never heard of it really needs to see it. Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia in wiki form, in which people are open to come in and edit or put in information on just about everything. Some people view this as a problem. They say if anyone can come in and edit info, then it's automatically wrong.

In school I have been told not to use Wikipedia. I asked why and they gave me the same un-provable reason: it's not correct. They FAIL!!! Wikipedia is the most trustworthy source you can use. If I can't use Wikipedia, then what do I use? Some old book from the last century? Losing confidence in that teacher, I go use Wikipedia anyway. Sure, people can go on and edit it, but if they do anything stupid, then Wikipedia blocks them, and Wikipedia has people that check everything out to make sure everything is ok.

So use it. Seriously