14 May, 2009

XBox Controller Soap

I just found this incredible bar of soap shaped like a life-size XBox 360 controller.

And, if that wasn't AMAZINGLY COOL enough... it smells like Mountain Dew.
These hand-crafted items of pure awesomeness go for $12.00 a pop on Etsy. They are made by a girl who makes and sells all sorts of awesome nerd-shaped soaps.

The Zune phone

The popular or maybe not so popular Zune may now have a phone.

Where did it start? Some blog on microsoft.com. Will it ever be? I hope so. But let’s first compare its competition. The iPhone, the most popular phone, is on AT&T, the best choice for a phone to be. With its minimal design and easy usability, many applications, it's a mighty fine phone. Next we have the G1, Google's phone. They made the most stupid decision of all and went with T-Mobile. Why in the world did Google choose T-mobile for the G1? Nevertheless it comes with a touch screen and something the iPhone didn't have. A full physical QWERTY keyboard.

I'm hoping if Microsoft ever does make a Zune phone, they go with Verizon, (because AT&T is already taken.) However I'm sure there’s a doubt to whether or not a phone like this could even survive, what with all the competition. The Zune itself stood no chance against the iPod, or even those crappy Scandisk MP3 players. So what would make a Zune phone work? If could somehow sync up with X-Box Live in some way, shape, or form.

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Image from jackenback.com

10 May, 2009

Human Horse Legs

A week ago, the 50-1 longshot racehorse Mine That Bird won the Kentucky Derby, which, it seems, has caused the entire nation to be crazy about horses. These delightfully strange extension horse-legs are a major sign of this.
When I first saw this picture of Seattle Artist Kim Graham's Digilegs, I assumed that they would be something to enhance your running or walking ability, maybe using springs to speed it up. I was wrong, however: she says that these legs are meant mainly for people like actors and the like to use them for...
Well, I don't know what they'll use them for. The satyr market is not the widest in the world, and I'm sure the cost of CGI is much less expensive than the pricey $1000 price tag on these custom fitted steel, cable, foam, and rigid plastic monstrosities.
However, walking with these legs (shown below) looks fairly graceful, and maybe they can find a niche in the Silicon-Valley Seguey-toting geek demographic.

Demo from YouTube:

Long-Exposure Roomba Shot

This picture comes from http://www.gizmodo.com/

On their site they say:

Ever wonder what the path of a Roomba looks like as it cleans your house? It's an amazing combination of randomness and precision, as shown by this long-exposure shot.
The shot was taken by shutting off all the lights in the room for 30 minutes and taking a long exposure of the path the Roomba took while cleaning up. It's beautiful and surprising. I always assumed it worked with using some sort of grid, but that clearly isn't the case at all.

08 May, 2009

My big hang-up with email programs.

Email. Probably the best thing since sliced bread. Being able to send messages to people without having to pay money. But there is a big issue I have with email programs. They give you waaaaaay too much space for storing things. I use Gmail, which as of this writing gives me 7+ gigabytes for storage space. Now I ask; do I really need all that? Seven thousand megabytes?

Let's say that on average an email message is 100 kilobytes. 1 gigabyte = 1000 megabytes, a megabyte = 1000 kilobytes. With each email using 100kb, it would take 10 emails for just 1 MB, 10,000 emails for 1 GB, so 70,000 emails would be needed to fill an inbox. In my case I have about 250 emails in my inbox, using 90 MB of my allowed space. With that it would take ~21,076 emails to fill my inbox. So do we really need all that space? I'm thinking no. Maybe 1 or 2 gigs of space would be enough. So what to do with all the extra space? Put it to use in an FTP program.

I am a web developer and a movie maker, so transferring files is something I often have to do. What I would love to see is some sort of Google FTP. It could be powered by the extra space in Gmail. I mean, why not? Sure it could use a lot of bandwidth, but it’s Google! And I think even bandwidth wouldn’t be an issue for Google; it would be more of an issue for the people using it. Some internet service providers are putting on bandwidth limits these days.