10 May, 2009

Human Horse Legs

A week ago, the 50-1 longshot racehorse Mine That Bird won the Kentucky Derby, which, it seems, has caused the entire nation to be crazy about horses. These delightfully strange extension horse-legs are a major sign of this.
When I first saw this picture of Seattle Artist Kim Graham's Digilegs, I assumed that they would be something to enhance your running or walking ability, maybe using springs to speed it up. I was wrong, however: she says that these legs are meant mainly for people like actors and the like to use them for...
Well, I don't know what they'll use them for. The satyr market is not the widest in the world, and I'm sure the cost of CGI is much less expensive than the pricey $1000 price tag on these custom fitted steel, cable, foam, and rigid plastic monstrosities.
However, walking with these legs (shown below) looks fairly graceful, and maybe they can find a niche in the Silicon-Valley Seguey-toting geek demographic.

Demo from YouTube:

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