08 May, 2009

My big hang-up with email programs.

Email. Probably the best thing since sliced bread. Being able to send messages to people without having to pay money. But there is a big issue I have with email programs. They give you waaaaaay too much space for storing things. I use Gmail, which as of this writing gives me 7+ gigabytes for storage space. Now I ask; do I really need all that? Seven thousand megabytes?

Let's say that on average an email message is 100 kilobytes. 1 gigabyte = 1000 megabytes, a megabyte = 1000 kilobytes. With each email using 100kb, it would take 10 emails for just 1 MB, 10,000 emails for 1 GB, so 70,000 emails would be needed to fill an inbox. In my case I have about 250 emails in my inbox, using 90 MB of my allowed space. With that it would take ~21,076 emails to fill my inbox. So do we really need all that space? I'm thinking no. Maybe 1 or 2 gigs of space would be enough. So what to do with all the extra space? Put it to use in an FTP program.

I am a web developer and a movie maker, so transferring files is something I often have to do. What I would love to see is some sort of Google FTP. It could be powered by the extra space in Gmail. I mean, why not? Sure it could use a lot of bandwidth, but it’s Google! And I think even bandwidth wouldn’t be an issue for Google; it would be more of an issue for the people using it. Some internet service providers are putting on bandwidth limits these days.

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