14 May, 2009

The Zune phone

The popular or maybe not so popular Zune may now have a phone.

Where did it start? Some blog on microsoft.com. Will it ever be? I hope so. But let’s first compare its competition. The iPhone, the most popular phone, is on AT&T, the best choice for a phone to be. With its minimal design and easy usability, many applications, it's a mighty fine phone. Next we have the G1, Google's phone. They made the most stupid decision of all and went with T-Mobile. Why in the world did Google choose T-mobile for the G1? Nevertheless it comes with a touch screen and something the iPhone didn't have. A full physical QWERTY keyboard.

I'm hoping if Microsoft ever does make a Zune phone, they go with Verizon, (because AT&T is already taken.) However I'm sure there’s a doubt to whether or not a phone like this could even survive, what with all the competition. The Zune itself stood no chance against the iPod, or even those crappy Scandisk MP3 players. So what would make a Zune phone work? If could somehow sync up with X-Box Live in some way, shape, or form.

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JPSHRACER1486 said...

All just a rumor, no real proof on microsoft.com and just a discussion on the Zune Forum. http://forums.zune.net/450938/ShowPost.aspx