12 June, 2009

16-Year Old Kid Discovers, Then Breeds, Microorganism That Eats Plastic

If I told you that the plastic waste problem had been solved, you would probably think of a PhD scientist sitting in a university lab working nearly 24/7 on a solution. But this is not the case. 16-year old Daniel Burd has discovered a microbe that eats plastic, then bred it using natural selection to do it much more efficiently (43% in six weeks, to be exact). He won his school science fair, but I would bet this isn't the start for him. His bacteria-eating microbe, which produces nothing but water vapor and carbon dioxide as waste, would be an excellent idea for a startup company.

(image source = http://www.mnn.com/technology/research-innovations/blogs/boy-discovers-microbe-that-eats-plastic)

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