14 December, 2009

Rant Monday: Cellphones

It's rant time, folks. Brace yourselves.

It greatly irks me every time I see someone barely old enough to read with a mobile phone. Even worse are the ones that incessantly text, their phone spending more time out of their pocket than in. I already have to deal with this with the females of my own generation, and I shouldn't have to do so with the younger ones too.
And so I would like to propose a method by which we measure the proper age at which a girl should be allowed to have cellphones. Put simply, if they are not capable of storing it in their anatomy, they should not have it. If a girl, whatever age, does not have the proper cleavage in which to store her cellular device, she should not have said cellular device in the first place.

13 December, 2009

In class iPod

The following was written in one of my classes for a journal entry:

I find my iPod to be a very useful study tool. In 2 of my classes, my morale/mood is improved significantly. I’m often surprised that I still learn stuff in class while I play bejeweled. While also improving my mood, it also serves as a very useful tool for taking notes. Ever since my discovery of being able to use my iPod for notes, I actually learn stuff better (my handwriting is pathetic, and I type faster on my iPod than I can write.) I also find my iPod to be environmentally friendly (it doesn’t use paper, which also allows me to be more easily organized.) it’s sad that I am not trusted with my iPod in my other classes, as I’m sure my grades and morale would improve there as well. Unfortunately, I have been labeled with the teenage stereotype; that if I can have an iPod, I won’t pay attention. Oh well.