13 December, 2009

In class iPod

The following was written in one of my classes for a journal entry:

I find my iPod to be a very useful study tool. In 2 of my classes, my morale/mood is improved significantly. I’m often surprised that I still learn stuff in class while I play bejeweled. While also improving my mood, it also serves as a very useful tool for taking notes. Ever since my discovery of being able to use my iPod for notes, I actually learn stuff better (my handwriting is pathetic, and I type faster on my iPod than I can write.) I also find my iPod to be environmentally friendly (it doesn’t use paper, which also allows me to be more easily organized.) it’s sad that I am not trusted with my iPod in my other classes, as I’m sure my grades and morale would improve there as well. Unfortunately, I have been labeled with the teenage stereotype; that if I can have an iPod, I won’t pay attention. Oh well.

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